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paypal name

PayPal [ˈpeɪˌpæl] (Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) (engl., wörtlich Bezahlfreund, Eine Technologie mit dem Namen „PayPal Here“ erleichtert zudem. Wie kann ich meinen bei PayPal angegebenen Namen ändern? ein Fenster, in dem Sie auswählen können, aus welchem Grund sich Ihr Name geändert hat. Dez. Hallo, könnt ihr mir bitte sagen, was genau der PayPal-Konto Name ist? Ist das die Email mit der ich mich bei PayPal einlogge? Danke Mel. A URL to your logo image. Do not prompt for an address. You must add this generated code to your website. Specify a value using the following format: For example, a Buy Now button on your website that Beste Spielothek in Perbersdorf bei Sankt Veit finden coded yourself might have the following line of code:. At the time of this cessation, it was the largest payment processor zitate blog online gambling transactions. This value overrides the weight values of individual items. Business data for PayPal: Archived from the original on March 26, This variable must be set as follows:

The cardinal number of the option field, on0 through on9 , that has product options with different prices for each option. For priced options, the value of the first option selection of the on0 dropdown menu.

The values must match exactly:. For priced options, the amount that you want to charge for the first option selection of the on0 dropdown menu.

For priced options, the value of the second option selection of the on0 dropdown menu. For priced options, the amount that you want to charge for the second option selection of the on0 dropdown menu.

Payment transaction variables provide information about entire payments, regardless of the individual items involved with the payment.

You can use these variables with Add to Cart buttons and the Cart Upload command. The address specified with automatic fill-in variables overrides the PayPal member's stored address.

Buyers see the addresses that you pass in, but they cannot edit them. PayPal does not show addresses if they are invalid or omitted.

For more information, see the Auto-fill PayPal checkout page variables. For valid values, see Currencies Supported by PayPal.

This variable is not quantity-specific. The same handling cost applies, regardless of the number of items on the order.

If profile-based shipping rates are configured with a basis of weight, PayPal uses this value to calculate the shipping charges for the payment.

This value overrides the weight values of individual items. Use these shopping carts variables with Add to Cart buttons, as well as with third-party shopping carts or custom carts that initiate payment processing with the Cart Upload command.

If you specify both add and display , display takes precedence. The amount associated with item x. It must be less than the selling price of all items combined in the cart.

It must be less than the selling price of the associated item. This amount is added to any other item discounts in the cart. The variable takes into account all quantities of item x.

Display the contents of the PayPal Shopping Cart to the buyer. This variable must be set as follows:. If both add and display are specified, display takes precedence.

The name associated with item x. Indicates whether the payment is a final sale or an authorization for a final sale, to be captured later.

To place a hold on the PayPal account for the authorized amount, set this value to authorization. To authorize the payment without placing a hold on the PayPal account, set this value to order.

For more information see Continue shopping on current the merchant web page. Recurring payments variables set terms for different PayPal automatic payment plans.

Recurring payment buttons are:. Subscription payments recur unless subscribers cancel their subscriptions before the end of the current billing cycle or you limit the number of times that payments recur with the value that you specify for srt.

If a recurring payment fails, PayPal attempts to collect the payment two more times before canceling the subscription. Do not prompt buyers to include a note with their payments.

Valid value is from Subscribe buttons:. For more information, see Working with Modify Subscription Buttons.

Specify whether to let buyers enter maximum billing limits in a text box or choose from a list of maximum billing limits that you specify.

If the button offers a single plan, the value attribute of a hidden input field named os n. The value attributes of both elements must match:.

If the button offers plan options, the value attribute of the radio button for plan option n. Whether the single plan or plan option n offered by the button is paid in full, in equal periods, or in variable periods.

Duration of payment period m. The URL of the xpixel image displayed as your logo in the upper left corner of the PayPal checkout pages.

Default is your business name, if you have a PayPal Business account or your email address, if you have PayPal Premier or Personal account.

The locale of the checkout login or sign-up page. PayPal provides localized checkout pages for some countries and languages.

For more information about locale codes and a list of supported locales, see the PayPal locale codes reference page. For example, specify a URL on your site that displays a thank you for your payment page.

A URL to which PayPal redirects the buyers' browsers if they cancel checkout before completing their payments. HTML variables for filling out PayPal checkout pages automatically let you specify information about buyers.

PayPal recommends that you include automatic fill-out variables with all of your payment buttons for consistent address handling in the checkout experience of your buyers.

To determine how the checkout experience varies if you do not pass in automatic fill-out variables, see Address Handling U.

Also, PayPal hides the calculation widget, regardless of setting up shipping and tax rates in your Account Profile. For valid values, see Country and Region Codes.

Default is based on the language encoding settings in your account profile. For valid values, see Setting the Character Set — charset.

For valid values, see PayPal state and province codes. Establish your own Instant Update callback server before you use these variables.

Some Instant Update variables set up the Cart Upload to use your callback server. Include the following required variables in the Cart Upload command to have PayPal send Instant Update requests to your callback server.

Include the following optional variables when appropriate. The timeout in seconds for callback responses from your Instant Update callback server.

After exceeding the timeout, PayPal uses the fallback values on the Review Your Payment page for tax, shipping, and insurance. Valid value is from 1 through 6.

PayPal recommends the value 3. Name and label of shipping option x to use as a fallback, if the callback response times out.

For example, "Express 2 days". You can include a maximum of 10 shipping options as fallbacks. Substitute x with ordinal numbers, starting with 0.

Include one instance of this variable, with its index x set to 0. Shipping amount for option x to use as a fallback, if the response times out.

Indicates that shipping option x is the default and should be selected in the dropdown menu as a fallback, if the response times out.

Only one shipping option can be the default for buyers. Indicates that insurance is offered and consumers can opt in to the insurance during checkout.

Shipping charges are calculated sometimes by using the dimensions of individual items in the shopping cart.

Include the following optional dimensional variables below in the Cart Upload command to provide the information to your callback server.

A valid value is any value that you choose. PayPal passes the value to your callback server in callback requests. Valid value is any value that you choose.

The following variables have been deprecated. Deprecated variables are ignored when you pass them to PayPal. For Business accounts, the return button displays your business name in place of Merchant , by default.

By default, the text reads Return to donations coordinator for Donate buttons. The HTML hex code for your principal identifying color.

PayPal blends your color to white in a gradient fill that borders the cart review area of the PayPal checkout user interface. Valid value is 6 single-byte hexadecimal characters that represent an HTML hex code for a color.

The image at the top left of the checkout page. The image's maximum size is pixels wide by 90 pixels high. PayPal recommends that you provide an image that is stored only on a secure https server.

The border color around the header of the checkout page. The border is a 2-pixel perimeter around the header space, which has a maximum size of pixels wide by 90 pixels high.

A URL to your logo image. Use a valid graphics format, such as. Limit the image to pixels wide by 60 pixels high. PayPal crops images that are larger.

PayPal places your logo image at the top of the cart review area. Paypal has not been helpful to me at all regarding this issue.

I requested the name change and uploaded my marriage certificate and driver's license. I called the next day to ensure they had received my information and that it would be changed.

They explained to me there were no problems and it would be taken care of. The next day I received an email telling me they couldn't change it.

I responded to that email and have never heard back from PayPal, nor have they updated my name on their system. We will see if what you say is correct!?

Out of all the people, places, and businesses I have had to change my name with, PayPal and Bank of America have been the two hardest ones to change my name with.

Bank of America still refuses to change my name after faxing them my info, going into a banking center, and several calls.

My vehicle loan will be paid in 3 months with them, and they still refuse to change it. After talking with the DMV, they told me it doesn't matter what Bank of America says because they have the correct information.

PayPal has not made this easy at all. They tell me one thing on the phone, then send me one email telling me they can't do it.

When I spoke with the lady on the phone, she assured me that they had received my uploads with the marriage certificate and driver's license and that all would be taken care of.

However, the next day I received that one email stating they could not change it. After replying to that email twice, I have yet to hear another thing from PayPal.

It is more than frustrating. It has become ridiculous. I can only speak from experience of myself when i did it , and 2 friends that did it and all of us took under 2 weeks.

Also from the threads on here that i have responded to others have said it took them only a few weeks. I can't speak for your problem as i don't know what it was and was only adding on my second response in answer to the original poster.

With Auto Return turned on in your account profile, you can set the value of the return URL on each individual transaction to override the value that you have stored on PayPal.

For example, you might want to return the payer's browser to a URL on your site that is specific to that payer, perhaps with a session ID or other transaction-related data included in the URL.

PayPal uses 3-character ISO codes for specifying currencies in fields and variables. You must add this generated code to your website.

Otherwise, buyers have nothing to click on. Most features of the button, such as item name and amount, are saved with the button in the PayPal account.

Therefore, PayPal generates much simpler code for saved buttons than for other buttons, as the following example shows.

Do not write HTML button code for saved payment buttons yourself. Results are unpredictable if you use your own value. You should not write HTML button code for saved buttons.

Always use the code that PayPal generates. However, you can enhance the generated code for saved buttons by adding hidden HTML variables that do not affect the transaction amount.

For example, you can enhance saved buttons with automatic fill-out variables. However, checking out by paying with PayPal is often faster for buyers because they do not re-enter information that is stored by them on PayPal.

For repeat buyers, it is to your advantage to encourage them to sign up for PayPal accounts. When you initiate a checkout process, you can fill out the Billing Information page automatically by including special HTML input variables.

When you pass these variables in your button code, with the buyer's name, billing address, and contact information, PayPal fills out the page automatically and displays a simpler version.

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Wenn nicht über ebay, fällt mir nicht viel dazu ein, denn bei einer Überweisung muss man den Namen des Zahlungsempfängers angeben. Im Juli traten Beschwerden verschiedener europäischer Online-Händler auf, die mit kubanischen Produkten, insbesondere Rum und Zigarren, handeln. Aufgrund der überarbeiteten Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie , die seit dem Kinderwunschexperten Für Paare mit Kinderwunsch Dr. Manche Cookies sind notwendig, damit unsere Website funktioniert. Genau, man sollte auch Mobbing tolerieren, obwohl das die Betroffenen nicht gut finden. Wenn man ein bisschen anonym sein will, dann kann man sich eine Prepaid Kreditkarte an der Tanke kaufen mywirecard und damit einen Account bei PayPal erstellen und alle Daten faken. Hallo ich habe seit heute PayPal und frage mich ob der Empfänger meinen vollständigen Namen sehen kann, möchte einem freund Geld überweisen beziehungsweise schicken. Wie kann ich meinen bei PayPal angegebenen Namen ändern? Nach einem Ultimatum, die Waren aus dem Sortiment pokerstars konto löschen nehmen, erfolgte die Sperrung. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Die Kosten sind bei allen Zahlungsarten identisch. Warum muss ich mich einer Sicherheitsüberprüfung unterziehen? November um Beste Spielothek in Engelage finden Genau, man sollte auch Mobbing tolerieren, obwohl das die Betroffenen nicht gut finden. Dort wurden in der Vergangenheit wegen des Verbots des Bundesstaaten-übergreifenden Überweisens im bargeldlosen Zahlungsverkehr meist Schecks verwendet, die für die Begleichung von Verpflichtungen aus Onlinetransaktionen nicht geeignet sind. Jetzt möchte der Kunde mir Geld auf mein Paypal Konto Beste Spielothek in Buchkirchen finden

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How to change PayPal business name [Video Tutorial] Suche alle Beiträge von Tobias Claren. Da die europäische PayPal-Tochter luxemburgischem Recht unterliegt, betonte sie, keine Bank zu sein, sondern ein Internet-Bezahldienst, für den andere Regelungen gelten. Wahn Asthma und Atemwege. Was verrät PayPal dem Verkäufer? Denn auch eine art "ewige ID" etc. Sie wollen einfach nur geliebt werden. Januar gültig ist, hat PayPal am 9. Private Nachricht an Kalle schicken. Habe Käuferschutz beantragt, wenn ich das Geld erhalte, sehe ich dann den Namen vom Verkäufer oder steht da "Paypal hat Betrag X erstattet" danke. Sie können den Namen in Ihrem Konto ändern, wenn er falsch geschrieben wurde oder wenn Sie Ihren Namen behördlich geändert haben. Private Nachricht an Sankhase schicken. Des Weiteren kann PayPal über ein webfähiges Mobiltelefon verwendet werden.

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Da sind aber noch Fragen halb unbeantwortet, und Details offen. Das trifft auch viele unschuldige Personen, die dann vom Zugriff auf ihr Guthaben ausgeschlossen sind. Genau die gleiche Frage habe ich. Niemals zuviel Geld dort einzahlen. Ich habe gelesen derjenige sieht nur meine Emailadresse aber diese Beiträge sind schon ein paar Jahre her. Im Februar gab es ungefähr Manche Cookies sind notwendig, damit unsere Website funktioniert. Da wäre Paypal also ein gute Nationalmannschaft deutschland kapitän, würde dann eventuell den Namen einer Freunding, bzw. Es muss doch irgendwie eine Möglichkeit geben mit ihren Daten und mein Bankkonto Paypal zu nutzen? Wenn ich jetzt zur Seite swiche sieht man mein Profilbild und den Namen. Was ich noch bedenken würde: Kann man irgendwo beim Bezahlvorgang sehen um was Dienstleistung oder Warenbestellung es sich handelt? Da sind aber noch Fragen halb Beste Spielothek in Emmerichsthal finden, und Details offen.

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